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Communique to public opinion on the incident of the attempted suicide of the wounded of the revolution Fouad Ajili

Like other associations and organizations in civil society, the RAJ-Tunise organization followed closely the course of settling the files of the wounded of the revolution and the various gaps and obstacles that hindered it, as it is convinced of the sensitivity of this file and its vitality to transitional justice.

Though satisfied with the progress achieved in this regard after the recognition of the rights of most of the wounded of the revolution under Decree No. 97 of 24 October 2011  on compensation for the families of the  martyrs and the wounded of the revolution of 14 January ,revised under Law No. 26 of 24 September 2012,The RAJ-Tunisie organization  remains preoccupied with other  several cases because of the procrastination and procedural complexity that prevented a significant number of the wounded from enjoying their legitimate rights which negatively affected their psychological situation at a time they must be taken care of due to the exceptional circumstances and the huge physical damage they suffered from.

With regret the RAJ –Tunisie organization received the news of the attempted suicide of the wounded of the revolution Fouad Ajili (originally from Msa’adin) yesterday, 10 May 2018 after Mm Amel Mastouri, secretary of the president of the general authority for Combatants, Martyrs and wounded of Revolution and Terrorist Operations, refused to meet him in the government office building in the Kasabah Which deepened his sense of injustice and oppression given the fact that his assignment to public office, as guaranteed by the law is delayed for more than five years, despite meeting the necessary conditions where he couldn’t get his criminal record (B 3) ,and contacted many authorities and ministries to reach a solution but in vain.

The RAJ-Tunisie called Fouad Ajili and felt reassured after knowing that he will leave the Montfleuri hospital tomorrow and that his condition is stable.

As a response to this issue the RAJ-Tunisie is interested in sharing with the public opinion, concerned organizations and authorities the following points:

  • We consider this attempted suicide a public opinion issue because of its direct link with the transitional justice process and the reparation of the youth who led the protests during the liberty and dignity revolution of 2011.
  • We demand the immediate and direct recruitment of Fouad Ajili and the urgent settling of the rest of the wounded of the revolution’s files so that such incidents, in which the authority is responsible for their despair and frustration, will not happen again.
  • We have been delegated by Fouad Ajili to refer his case to the judiciary to demand compensation for the moral and physical damage caused by the procrastination and neglect of the authorities, and started to take the necessary legal action through the appointment of the lawyer Mr Sharaf al-Din al killil.
  • We urge the civil society organizations, players and media outlets to complete the course of transitional justice, highlight injustice against the wounded and the families of the martyrs of the revolution and guarantee the rights of a huge number of the wounded of the revolution In order to find an urgent solution and to provide fair compensation to these young people in gratitude for their great sacrifices to build democracy and social justice in Tunisia.
  • We are open to all serious parties to follow-up the condition of Atef Ajili and the rest of the wounded of the revolution who are facing the same conditions, to coordinate with them and push towards completing the transitional justice process that includes reparation to the victims.

The executive board of the RAJ-Tunisie organization

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