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A Study on Youth Perception of Human Security at the Local Level

The following is a field study from which qualitative and quantitative data was extracted and analyzed to understand the Tunisian youth’s perception of human security and formulate some recommendations based thereupon.

Based on its firm belief in the youth’s role in making alternative public policies, the RAJ-Tunisie Organization analyzed the Tunisian youth’s perspective of human security and linked it to the adoption of Chapter 7 of the 27 January 2014 Constitution regarding local authorities.

The “Active Youth for Security” Project was realized in cooperation with the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), an international organization headquartered in Switzerland dedicated to improving the security of states and people within a framework of democratic governance, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

The Center provides advisory support and practical assistance for the states seeking to promote good governance in the security sectors. It also works directly with national and local governments, parliaments, civil society and international organizations, and security/defense forces.

This project aims to consolidate comprehensive data on youth perception and security needs at the local level. To this end, six pilot municipalities were selected to participate in the study based on specific criteria: Ariana; Northern Bizerte; Monastir; Northern Kasserine; Métlaoui; and Northern Tataouine.

In order to enhance their capacities, the RAJ-Tunisie Organization sought to involve the youth in this field study. As such, 42 young men and women were selected from the six municipalities to conduct the field research.

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