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Brief history of RAJ- Tunisia

Following the political and social movement in Tunisia in 2011, calling for “freedom, dignity and social equality”, a debate was launched on the model and role of the State corresponding to the expectations of the Tunisian people. A movement that was initiated by young Tunisians who believe in another Tunisia.

Inspired by the dynamic young people, the Tunisian Youth Alternative Network (RAJ TUNISIE) was created at the World Social Forum held in Tunis in 2013

RAJ-Tunisia initiated networking by calling for gathering to share its principles and objectives. This gathering, in collaboration with EYES (Empowering Youth in a European Society), made it possible to formulate a joint self-managed action in the World Social Forum.

After meeting with young people from international civil society, we decided to create an organization that promotes youth issues, faithful to the principles and modes of organization of the new structures created by young people in the world that grants young people the power to bring about change and develop their capacities as defenders of democracy.

Principles of RAJ-Tunisia

1)  RAJ-Tunisia encourages young people through: voluntary actions for the benefit of the community, training and support for individual projects in social, political and / or professional integration processes

2) RAJ-Tunisia was inspired by the new form of organization of youth movements in the world, in particular horizontality and self-management ones. Decisions are taken at general meetings via consensus and information sharing is done via the internet

3)  Placement of young people in the position of “connoisseur” and “decision-maker


enable young people to become active   and exercise their citizenship in an active and dynamic way by encouraging and accompanying individual initiatives

Allow social contact by providing a space where young people can come together and mobilize despite their initial differences

Educating youth and the elderly about citizenship

Advocate for the strengthening of the role of young people in public life

Strengthening “coexisting” and “social cohesion” through the creation of alternative spaces at the reach of young people


RAJ-Tunisia is created by and for young people it aims to have a leading role, and become an essential reference in the mobilization, advocacy and informal education of young people, with an innovative and militant approach and a view to building the new democrat and pluralist Tunisia.

It also wants to create an alternative space for young people from different socio-economic backgrounds to participate in the construction of the culture of freedom and democracy in Tunisia. Thus, a space for discussion and collaboration between the different initiatives of young people in order to strengthen their participation in the public life.


RAJ-Tunisia is a Tunisian organization whose mission is to put Tunisian youth at the heart of public action. The youth that has been marginalized over the years to become deeply disinterested and desperate in view of the general situation in Tunisia.

The approach of RAJ-Tunisia differs from that of other organizations in that it tends to solve the problems affecting both (Youth & public policies), but also that relating to (environment & CLIMATE). This is done through advocacy with stakeholders, informal education, raising young people’s awareness of issues and producing expertise in this area, which enables young people in the organization to position themselves as a real player for change and to work in this direction through constructive proposals

RAJ-Tunisia poses as a “critic / mediator” between the various stakeholders in youth issues, providing proposals, advice, education and assistance. 


Our philosophy revolves around a set of values we consider to be the pillar of any constructive public action, these values are: tolerance, transparency, democracy, creativity, credibility, militancy, optimism, rigor and non-partisan

Transparency: independence and autonomy in decision-making and fund management

Tolerance: mutual respect and enrichment

Democracy: exercising the right to vote; a dynamic of decision-making

Creativity: the sharing of the concepts that are closely linked: knowing how to live and knowing how to be

Credibility: the transfer of the right information

Activism: Commitment and defending just causes

Optimism: Believe in the power of the young initiators of change and their role in the country’s prosperity

Rigor: responsibility and seriosity at work

Non-partisan:  not affiliated with any political party

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