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Active Youth for Security

RAJ-Tunisia, launched with the technical and financial support of DCAF, and which aims to reinforce the inclusive dialogue about security perceptions and needs of youth at the local level. The project started in October 2017 and is spread over one year.

The project main objective:

  • To strengthen youth participation in the development of security policies that respond effectively to their needs.

The project specific objectives:

  • Youth will carry out and analyze their own security needs and will be able to communicate them to public authorities.
  • Public authorities will have quantitative and qualitative analysis of youth perceptions and needs about security in six municipalities. This analysis will be used to implement security policies that reflects the needs of youth.
  • The dialogue about security between youth and public authorities will be reinforced.

Work method:

The project involves conducting field surveys on the concept of human security in 6 municipalities in Tunisia (Bizerte, Ariana, Monastir, Kasserine, Metlaoui and Tataouine.). Our role will then be to conduct a quantitative analysis based on the data collected, and qualitative analysis through the focus groups, and the drafting of a final report that will be addressed to the authorities concerned. The project will be closed by events in the 6 communes and a press conference.

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