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Green Barometer

Project Presentation:

“Green Barometer” is a project launched by Raj Tunisia organization in March 2018, as part of its activities on environmental and climate policies in Tunisia. The project is based on four main activities which aims to create a space for sharing and exchanging between the different stakeholders of the environment and climate in Tunisia, with the youth participation in the development of climate policies monitoring through advocacy approach

The four major activities are:

  • Efhem bitik: Six short documentaries on environmental issues in Tunisia will be filmed in the most affected regions.
  • Gaada Khadra: A serie of Meetings with the government representatives, civil society, activists, politicians, local media and national media, organized under the name of “Gaada khadra” around the theme of “climate change and sustainable development” according to different approaches.
  • Policy Papers: Four policies papers based on a critical lecture of the environment and climate situation in Tunisia to measure the extent of the conformity of governmental activities and actions to its international commitments and subsequently.
  • Advocacy for the implementation of Article 129 of the Constitution and the establishment of the sustainable development and the protection of the rights of future generations constitutional authority.


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