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The Citizen Adaptation to Climate Change

The Citizen Adaptation to Climate Change pilot project (A3C) is a comparative study on the adaptation of Tunisians to global warming.

It was initiated this year on the scale of two districts (Houmet Chatt at La Goulette and Marsa Corniche at La Marsa).

The aim of this project is to increase the understanding of climate change issues and the adaptation strategies needed by the inhabitants and to initiate the implementation of local adaptation solutions

by the inhabitants, accompaniment and awareness raising provided by a group of volunteers «Climate Heros» engaged in the fight against climate change and their impacts in Tunisia.

The understanding of the behavior of the citizens to climate change effects was based on seven principal themes which are: Link with nature, Mobility, Habitat, Consumption, Waste management, Public space and Social fabric. These seven themes were considered as the basis of the study for the entire project; from the environmental diagnosis to the elaboration of the guide of good environmental practices


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