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To Youssef SHAHED, the one who searches for a new « Youth Decor »

Tunisia, January, 22nd, 2019

To Youssef SHAHED, the one who searches for a new « Youth Decor »


Dear Mr. Youssef Shahed, the Tunisian Prime Minister:

– We are RAJ-Tunis Organization, a Tunisian youth organization with an average age of 26 years.

We are an accredited youth organization as The Observer for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the unique in Tunisia and North Africa as an Observer of the Green Climate Fund.

We are a young Tunisian organization that contains 13 Young people as employees, and pays the equivalent of 6 thousand dinars monthly performances and the rate of 14 thousand dinars every three months to the National Fund for Social Security.

We are a youth organization that publishes on its official website its sources of funds, financial statements, financial audit reports,  and even permits the gains and interests of the concerned members.

We are also the organization that has proposed to your ministers to change Act 51 to ensure health coverage for young people, which has already been done, and  We consider it a win for Tunisian youth.

Dear  Head of Government:

-We, as a youth organization, want to catch your attention and the Public one to the last meeting you called « Youth Civil society Organizations« . We do not know who chose this band of « Smiley faces » youth audience, which in no way reflects the reality of the discontented youthful reality of your policies. Did not your advisers tell you that the youth participating in the meeting are working and acting for the benefit of international organizations standing up in Tunisia? How do you discuss 2019-strategic-policy in less than a period of one month of a whole year ? Has the ability to implement national youth policies failed in 2019 instead of a policy of strategic postponement? So your Excellency decided to replace it by the policy of strategic postponement?

-We estimate that this representation had been selective, and  it is another chapter among the ones of your « communicative strikes » and part of your power struggle with your former party “Nidaa Tounes”.

We would like your Excellency to take a look at the comments of young people in the social media about the photos published by the Ministry of Youth and Sports regarding the meeting photo that you organized.

Dear  Head of Government:

– We also understand your need to employ young people in your new authoritarian project. But here we would like to remind your Ecxcellency of the blood of your reverend Government;

Throughout  the duration of your reign a security car  ran over the young Tunisian Anwar Alskravi during the sit-in del’Kamour, the Tunisian Omar Obeidi was killed by drowning following a football match, and in Sidi Hussyn  Sejoumi the Diwaniya Guard snipped the young Ayman Othmani.

A short time ago, the  journalist Abdel Razzaq Rizki burned himself in Kasserine to protest about his social injustice.

– Under your government the patch drivers « Forsaty » and « El Karama »  failed, besides  the failure of the National Youth Conference, which was a visionary conference in its organization and its outcomes.

-We would also like to tie your attention to the hundreds of malicious trials against youth of social mobility that your government have used as tools to suppress Tunisian youth and to discourage them from demanding their economic and social rights, perhaps the most prominent issue is the youth of Sharban.

-Add during the time of your reign young observers of footballers were prevented from sitting in the runways and those under the age of 18 were prohibited from going to the stadiums.

Dear  Head of Government:

The conferences and youth forums will not polish blood and failure. We do not expect your government- With this content and performance -to be biased towards the actual issues of youth and their legitimate rights, which makes us again request your departure. We are spurring more Tunisian youth to assume their responsibilities and to struggle to change the situation and conditions of the homeland.

Most Respectfully,

   On behalf of RAJ-Tunisia Organization

                        The CEO

                   Zied ZARRAI

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